Who we are and what we do

We are WeBetter. A creative digital agency with passion and rhythm at its heart.

We are video driven

We develop creative concepts backed by a strategic line, shoot videos and write stories for companies and brands with unusual dynamics and a dash of sass in our blood. We love to change the ruts and differentiate brands from the competition. We're not just creatives. We are storytellers, guides and strategists of the digital world.

Why we were created?

We were created to elevate marketing and production culture and help brands and companies step out of the boring advertising grey. To make the creation of beautiful and functional videos accessible to a wider audience.

More references and projects


Founder Karin Fuentes' startup Digitoo offers an accounting app that uses artificial intelligence to automate administrative processes and digitise printed documents.



Long-term collaboration on web development, design, photo production and lead generation campaigns on Linkedin for various NTT products.

Development - Marketing

Eco Flow

Brand communication and social media content creation for a unique design battery station in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


Astra model

Social communication on social networks and complex performance campaigns in search engines. Gradually, we also go through design workshops with the client to retouch their e-commerce environment.

Development - Marketing


Large video and photo content production for the Amazon Czech glasses campaign accompanied by famous faces and influencers.

Development - Marketing


Branding video campaign for premium slides and outdoor play areas for children.



Large video & photo content production for Czech glasses campaigns accompanied by famous faces and influencers.


Nestlé (Margot)

The complex communication strategy of Margot, who spread exoticism through exotic languages in a messager bot.



“Aerial” brand video campaign for a manufacturer of great mattresses.


Naturprodukt (Glucadent)

“Fanpastic care for your teeth.” Unconventional TVC ad for toothpaste against tooth loss.