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Rebel among diapers

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Loosely translated 'MonPeri' means 'My Fairy' and the ladies behind the brand certainly describe themselves as such. We think they are some really tough fairies.

  • Rebel among diapers
  • To hell with naivete and stereotypes
  • Best spots write themselves

“A tough guy takes on his biggest challenge with the help of MonPeri diapers: changing his baby”

Rebel among diapers

The diaper market is firmly controlled by huge global corporations, which have disproportionately larger budgets for development and promotion.

So what does a Czech brand need to succeed there? A good product, vision and to put their heart into it. The “tough fairies” of MonPeri have all this and more. This was one of the reasons why we didn’t want a casual run-of-the-mill campaign full of mothers with fake smiles, used diapers and well-behaved children.

To hell with naivete and stereotypes

Thanks to hours of discussions with young mothers and debates within our own team we got the following insight: young parents are often angry with how naïve and inaccurate the depiction of child care is in ads. What they really feel during the first year of parenthood is a fierce battle, full of sleep deprivation, all kinds of bodily fluids and the ever-present piercing children’s cry. However, we felt this might not be the ideal approach to the campaign.

Best spots write themselves

When our creative team got their insights together, we had a clear idea: the spot must be a representative presentation of the brand as well as a tribute to all the moms and dads. Parents who know that childcare is not some simple idyllic game as the competitors like to show. Once we started viewing childcare for what it is, we naturally came to a choice of the protagonist – someone tough enough for the task ahead.

Where there is a tough protagonist, there must be a worthy challenge to demonstrate his power – this gave us the base narrative of the whole spot: “To change a diaper is one hell of a challenge!”

A hero that would help young dads to realize that to be a father is one of the manliest things ever. And also a hero that the moms would find attractive and who will make the MonPeri brand attractive and memorable for them.

Thanks to the reaction on social media we see now that this approach has been a true hit.

Jan Kapolka

Founder & Franchise Manager at Los Capolitos

Awesome, as a father I was both entertained and interested :)

Linda Pečivová

If you want to change the world, start with yourself...

In my opinion the TOP ad for diapers. It has a great idea, is different, catches your eye and makes you laugh... Good job👏

Jan Mráz

Director – Bailiff’s office

I like it, not an ordinary ad :)

Martin S.

Corporate Director, Shareholder Lussolibe Milano SE

Funny, I’m smiling at my screnn, so 👍❤️

Lukáš Jagnešák

Head of Spacemanagement Sportisimo

Very nice and funny. There is one more positive thing about this: you finally show that a guy can take care of a child 👏