Hey, we are Aim group

We are creatives and technologists, pushing the boundaries of the digital world on a global scale. We take a human centric and design driven approach to our work - building bespoke solutions with sensitivity and empathy for the user and target audience.


When we combine our know-how


  • Design exploration
  • Product/service creation
  • Product/service strategy


  • Company identity
  • Branding
  • User experience (UX)
  • Web/App design


  • Product/service roll-out
  • Raising brand awareness
  • Content creation (in-house video / photo production)
  • Always ON communication
  • Digital strategy
  • Performance marketing


  • Frontend (React)
  • Backend (node.js)
  • IOS & Android
  • VR/AR

We have 2 divisions

We combine creative thinking with technology and approach all projects with a design driven method.

Why do we exist?

We've brought together people with experience in the corporate, agency, client and government sectors. We pass on our know-how to companies that can't afford solutions from the largest technology and consulting vendors, or are simply not comfortable with their services due to a lengthy process or overly complicated boxed solution.

We are here to accelerate the digitization process for these companies and take their communication to the next level.

Why go with AIM?

For over a decade we've been turning your ideas into reality in the world of technology and marketing. We're driven by results, not just profit.

Our group is made up of only senior people who follow the "from needing to loving" rule, i.e. we create tools and solutions that clients and users not only need, but will want to use or really help their business.

“We always start our work with a creative concept or design study.”

“We're not afraid to make mistakes. We learn from them.”

“We build long-term relationships and partnerships.”

“The senior team is not just in an initial meeting, but actually working on the project.”

Our clients